About us

What happens when two people who actively invest in ICOs meet each other time and again in Telegram groups to get answers to the questions they have? Eventually they come into contact with each other easily and ventilate their frustrations. We are Patrick and Jan. We like to invest but would also like to know everything there is to know about specific ICO. Of course, we knew all the review sites and we pulled all nighters to come to a well-considered decision, using each other as a sounding board.

About us

ICO Transparancy

The ICO landscape has become like the Wild West. Reviews become interchangeable with sponsored content and we believe that this can be done differently, better but above all more transparent. Why should we reinvent the wheel when all the information is already available, yet all it takes is a very long time to gather and analyse all that information? More or less simultaneously we got the idea to do it better ourselves and with Patrick's background as a coder and Jan's background as a copywriter the idea for Icobizz was born.

We try to gather all the information we can find about an ICO on a well-organized site where you can find exactly what you are looking for at a glance. Icobizz is a work in progress. So if you have any suggestions or remarks, please let us know. Together, we can ensure that icobizz is the only site you will ever need to make a well considered decision.


Referral links

Because we also need and want to eat, we try of course to earn a few dollars for the work we put into this site. That is why we have set up a referral link for each ICO we discuss here. If you find that Icobizz has been useful in your search for information, please click on the referral link to get to the site. It doesn't cost you anything and we can continue to make sure you can get all the information you need in a clear way. A referral does not in any case mean endorsement, in fact: 90% of the tokens we earn with these referrals we sell on the same day that a token lists on an exchange. Help us keep this site running and click on the buttons to get to the ICO site. Thank you very much in advance.